The Inspiration: Access Bi-Fold Wallet


Vertically Inspired Design

For those who like a traditional bi-fold wallet, we wanted to provide an option but upgraded for speed. Therefore we redesigned the traditional long bi-fold wallet and created a vertical bi-fold wallet to add more space for cash while adding a few external features designed for fast paced city life where people need quick access to cards and IDs.


Dual Vertical Cash Pockets

The primary difference in this design is the vertical position of the cash pockets that allows you to store cash on both the left and right side of the wallet. Essentially it helps organize your bills so that if you like you can put smaller denominations such as $1, $5 or $10 bills on the left side and $20, $50 or $100 dollar bills on the right side. 

Business Card/ID Card Pocket

Additionally on the inside is a business card half-cut pocket so you can quickly show or pass out business cards or put in an ID that you may need to show quickly for entrance into buildings without the need of pulling it out of a pocket. 

2 External Pockets 

To enhance the functionality even more we included an external slide in pocket for a subway card and a full length horizontal pocket for building ID swiping.

External Subway Card Pocket - The cut off pocket size was measured exactly to make it easy to pull out a subway card without having to pull out the entire wallet from your pocket helping save considerable effort, especially when you are in a rush.

External Full Length Pocket - This pocket was included to provide an ideal place to store a building ID card on the outside so that it can be easily read by a tap and go turnstile commonly found in office buildings. Many times office building cards can be difficult to read in traditional wallets when placed on the inside so this ensures that nothing blocks the transmission of your ID card except a slim subway card.