The Inspiration: Gateway Passport Wallet

International Travel Made More Efficient

Traveling internationally requires an extra amount of effort in planning to make sure you have not only clothes ready for a long trip but more importantly all key wallet items including IDs, international credit cards, flight tickets and more. Most passport wallets were not designed to serve the unique needs of traveling internationally and serve more as a simple protection sleeve. Therefore we created a comprehensive passport wallet specifically designed to neatly organize all the important items that you need to bring with you when traveling internationally.


Required Items for International Travel

Make sure to bring these items:

  1. Passport - The most critical piece of ID you always need with you where ever you go
  2. Cash USD - Home currency is always good to have in case of an overseas emergency 
  3. Cash Other - If you can get a few large bills beforehand in the currency of the country you’re going to even better to be prepared for airport transportation or getting a SIM card on arrival 
  4. Credit Cards - Make sure you bring any extra credit cards that have no fees for international transactions
  5. Flight Ticket - Keep with your passport at all times so you don't scramble looking for it before boarding
  6. Train Ticket - If you’re going into the city and need to catch an express train you’ll also need to keep it close
  7. SIM cards - Once you arrive to a new country you’ll likely need to get a new one and need to store your home SIM card

Keeping all these items organized and easily accessible is key when you’re traveling as at times it's quite stressful especially when you’re going to a new country and not 100% sure of what you need to do or where you need to go when you arrive at your destination. Therefore having all your important travel documents and items neatly organized is tremendously helpful and the reason why we designed the Gateway wallet to be a highly efficient and organized passport wallet. 


Dual Passport Slots

You can put a passport on either the left or right side. For those who have more than one passport you can place one on the left and the other on the right pocket. Alternatively one open pocket can be used to store away cash or other large ticket items.

Flight Ticket Pocket

The flight ticket pocket is perfectly designed to hold all printable flight tickets to make it easy to show the gate attendants and get through to your seat fast. Additionally it can be used to store cash if needed. 


SIM Card Pockets

Two SIM card pockets allow you to use three SIM cards if needed. Store your home country SIM in the first pocket and then if you travel to a second and then a third country you can store the second SIM in the second pocket. Easy as 1 | 2 | 3. 


Multiple Credit Card Pockets

We included multiple pockets to meet your needs of storing all types of credit cards for international travel. Additionally there is one vertical slide in pocket that can be used for a special card that you use frequently or storing business cards for quick retrieval. 


What better way to travel internationally than with the Gateway passport wallet. Specifically created to make travel faster, more organized and efficient.