The Inspiration: Track Front Pocket Wallet


Fast Paced City Life

Getting around New York City is all about speed. When you go out to eat, catch a ride or go to work, you are usually always in a rush to get to where you're going. Many times along the way you’ll need to take out your wallet to pay for any number of items or means of entry. We do this routine day in and day out.

Regular Wallet Steps:

  1. Pull out the wallet
  2. Open up the wallet
  3. Pull out a card
  4. Insert/swipe/tap or tap
  5. Place the card back in 
  6. Close the wallet
  7. Place back in your pocket

Nothing is technically wrong with going through all these steps but if you want to get an edge, in a fast moving city, you can utilize a front pocket wallet to shave off considerable time when paying

Track Front Pocket Wallet Steps:

  1. Pull out a card
  2. Insert/swipe/tap or tap
  3. Place the card back in


Ultra Thin Profile

We created the Track wallet to improve speed and efficiency by providing highly designing the pockets to allow users to quickly extract cards out whether it be for swiping into the subway or passing work IDs over a turnstile reader quickly. The thin profile and larger than normal open ended pockets enables users to quickly retrieve a card from the front pocket without evening having to pull out the wallet itself. 



Two Vertically Open Pockets

The two vertically open pockets make it easy to retrieve a subway card or credit card without taking out the wallet and using just one hand. Additionally there’s plenty of space for additional cards including a driver's license, insurance cards and business cards. If you want you can even stash away cash in one of the two side cash pockets.