Product Guide

The Inspiration: Convoy Travel Bag

The Weekend Travel Bag 

Soon after airlines started requiring fees to check in bags we came up with the idea for a new type of travel bag specifically for use when traveling on flights. Instead of lugging around a rather large and unwieldy suitcase for a simple weekend trip, we decided to design a carry-on bag that would perfectly fit enough clothes, shoes and gear for a short 2-3 day trip. We wanted to create a bag that makes traveling easier and that provides a highly functional and organized layout to store and quickly access all your gear. 


Design Details 

The dimension of the bag were made to perfectly fit underneath the seat or in an overhead compartment of an airplane. The main compartment has enough room to fit a pair of shoes, two sets of clothes and more. The front compartment is meant for storing either snacks and or overnight toiletry items in an easy to access pocket. For those that might need to carry travel tickets, documents or important papers there are two long zipper pockets on the side to store these to be stored and easily accessed.



Store Away Shoulder Strap

An additional feature we decided to throw in was the ability to store away the shoulder strap if need so you can simply carry by hand or if you’re also bringing luggage through over the handle and not worry about the strap getting caught or dragging on the floor. 

Strap Storage Steps

  1. Pull away the end of the velcro strap to unlock the strap from the metal ring
  2. Take out of the ring and re apply the velcro after removing
  3. Fold up and place the strap inside the pocket near the opposite end of the strap in the specialized internal strap pocket.